“People will stare! Make it worth their while!” – Harry Winston


The skin. It is the largest organ of the human body. We use our hands as tools, our backs to lift and our faces to portray our feelings and emotions. The gruelling day-to-day tasks that we put our skin through is easily seen and felt, dry/dull skin, breakouts and tight/ knotted shoulders are just some of the symptoms we can all relate to.

Like our heart, liver and lungs our skin needs to be cared for and nurtured. Our skin is a true reflection of our inner health and wellbeing.


The therapist Michaela (Formally of Kamigata Lifestyle Salon and Spa & Face clinic) is waiting to rebalance your energy and refocus your mind. Allow Michaela to ease away the stress and tension from your back with a S​tress relief massage and take care of your hard working hands and tired feet with an OPI products.

To look your best, you must first feel your best… Look no further than Yume’s most passionate and dedicated therapist to help you achieve the best you.


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